Ayurvedic SPA treatments

We operates a special program depends on guest desire. You can get the real advantage of that special treatment package with reasonable prices with the accomodation.

“Ayurveda” package – 01.

Services attach with package 01.

  1. Head massage.
  2. Full Body massage.
  3. Foot massage.
  4. Head, Neck and Shoulder massage.
  5. Back and Spine massage.
  6. Neck and Shoulder massage.
  7. Herbal bath or Herbal steam bath.


This above mentioned is a one day treatment plan. It normally focused for well ness and relaxation. It will provide 2 advance and 2 basic treatment methods. Herbal steam bath and flower bath is the basic treat and body massage and facial treatment is the advance treat in “Littoral” centre.

“Ayurveda” package – 02.
(Via this package one of the following options).

  1. Introduction to Ayurveda.
  2. Spa delight.
  3. The combined Ayurveda spa.
  4. Ayurveda wellness and rejuvenation.
  5. Intensive Ayurveda.
  6. Advance Ayurveda.

03 days course.
This helps to reduce muscle pains, increase blood circulation and keep up your physical conditions. Normally it includes 05 Ayurveda massages, 03 body treats and 02 spa massages.

05 days course.
This course operates with many natural herbs to refresh your skin nourishments. It consists 08 Ayurveda massages, 06 body & facial treats, 04 spa massages, 01 spa & facial treats and 03 spa & body treatments.

07 days course.
Energy level of the body would be increased through this course to be rejuvenated. It attaches with 09 Ayurveda massages, 12 Ayurveda body and facial treats, o4 spa treats, 02 spa and body massages, and 01 beauty care facial treat.

10 days course.
Traditional and natural paths are using here for lift up longevity. 16 Ayurveda treats, 14 Ayurveda body and facial massages, 04 spa massages, 02 body & spa treats, 02 beauty therapies are available across this steam.

12 days corse.
It covers 47 therapies. You could increase the life style, age and the level of stress according to this traditional long treatment style. It is possible to feel the recommended Ayurveda Panchakarmaya disciplines.

14 days course.
A mixture of Panchakarmaya and Ayurveda gives heal for your any type of pains, aches, and will increase the body energy and may boost your body in active conditions. This long time treatments exists 22 Ayurveda massages, 17 Ayurveda and body treats, 05 spa(s),  03 spa and body therapies, and 03 fresh complexion massages.

21 days course.
You can get the full benefits and privileges through this longest medication system. More than 72 respective treatments are available there for reduce stresses and pains and keep up your attitudes and body energy under the consultations of doctor. Rejuvenation and beauty could be achieved due to the special treats of long period spending. Consultations are given by our not only doctors and physicians.

Special doctor consultations are available for above all treatments styles. Mean while you have to submit to the special meal plan that estimate by physicians due to the natural herbal medicines. Step in to “Littoral” for all these extraordinary experiences.